Monday, September 10, 2007

Get Free Internet at Federal Court

The Northern District of Illinois announced that it is offering free wireless Internet access at the courthouse, available in the lobby and on the second floor cafeteria. For those who don't know, it is at 219 S. Dearborn Street in Chicago. I have visited the cafeteria, which is fairly impressive and a nice place to camp out. To use it, turn on your wireless card (some are always on), for Windows computers right-click on the little wireless access icon in the system tray (the lower right-hand side of the screen), select View available wireless networks, and select the WIZ network. It is unsecured and requires no password, so be aware it's like any other public wireless access, with all attendant risks.

Also, note this is the Federal Court building, so to use you must either sit in the cavernous lobby or go through security. And I suspect there are some security measures behind the scenes to monitor use.

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